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golf training aids in tin cup
Roy McAvoy’s training aids in Tin Cup – Warner Bros. Pictures

Most golfers remember the hilarious scene from the movie Tin Cup when driving range pro Roy McAvoy, in the midst of a terrible slump, resorted to the use of about six or seven different golf swing aids…simultaneously!  As humorous as that scene was, we can all sympathize with poor Roy’s plight, because we’ve all been there.

Sometimes our swings go awry and need a little help, and unless you have the luxury of being able to afford frequent one-on-one lessons with a professional, a properly selected golf training aid can help to right the ship and get your swing back in shape.

But there are literally hundreds of swing aids on the market and knowing which ones actually work, and are worth the money, is an almost impossible task.

We’re here to help.  We’ve researched and analyzed the market for those of you who may not have the time or inclination to do that evaluation yourselves, and we’ve put together a list that represents the best golf training aids that do work.

Which Training Aid Is Right for You?

It depends on what aspect of the game you’re trying to address.  One golfer may be having issues with an overly quick tempo, while another may be struggling with swing plane. 

Some may be interested in full swing help, while others may be concerned about improving their putting.  Your choice of a swing aid will obviously be very specific to what part of the game you’re attempting to address.

So, to help you focus in on the golf training aid that will be the most effective one for you, we’ve clearly indicated the area of focus that each of our selected training aids is designed to address. 

Below is a table displaying the ones that made the cut in our analysis of the best golf training aids on the market and our rating for each one.  Following that, we’ll go into a bit more detail about each of the training aids.

Golf Training AidAreas of FocusRating
Orange Whip Swing TrainerSwing Tempo, Swing Sequencing, Warm-Up5☆
SKLZ Gold Swing TrainerSwing Tempo, Swing Sequencing, Warm-Up4.8☆
SKLZ Tempo Grip Golf TrainerSwing Tempo, Swing Timing, Warm-Up4.5☆
SuperSpeed Golf Training SystemDistance5☆
Callaway Swing Easy Swing TrainerArm Position Fundamentals4.4☆
Total Golf Trainer 3.0 KitProper Wrist/Arm Positions4.6☆
Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0Swing Plane, Swing Path4.4☆
GoSports Lag CirclePutting/Chipping Distance Control4.3☆
Putt Out Pressure Putt TrainerPutting Aim/Pace4.7☆
Shaun Webb Alignment SticksAlignment5☆

A Closer Look at Our Selected Golf Training Aids

1. Orange Whip Swing Trainer

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Summary:  Why the Orange Whip Works

A good swing tempo allows all the various parts of the golf swing to occur at an effective and unhurried pace, so that they are sequenced properly. The Orange Whip helps you develop a rhythmic swing that fosters good timing.

· Helps to improve:  tempo, swing speed, strengthening core muscles, swing plane

· Loosens up the body and helps you find the optimal swing rhythm

· Four optional lengths are available: 

  • 47” –  Full Size
  • 43 ½”  –  Mid-Size
  • 38”  –  Junior
  • 35 ½”  –  Compact

The Orange Whip Swing Trainer is one of the most popular, and best-selling, golf training aids ever introduced.  Invented by golf instructor Jim Hackenberg back in 2008, the Orange Whip has sold over 600,000 units and is regularly used by golfers of all skill levels (many Tour pros, including Phil Mickelson, have been seen swinging the Orange Whip on the driving range!).

Designed to help develop a smooth, balanced golf swing, the Orange Whip has an ultra-flexible golf shaft with a weighted orange ball, about the size of a baseball, attached where a golf head would be.  A counter-weighted golf ball is on the grip end.

The main purpose of the Orange Whip is to help golfers develop better tempos in their swings.  When you work with it, you’ll immediately notice that its shaft is so flexible and “whippy” that you’re forced to swing it with a very smooth and measured rhythm.  Working with it regularly over time, you’ll begin to develop a sense of tempo and timing, along with the muscle memory that will translate to your actual swing.

You’ll also notice that, because of the weighted ball on the end of the device, you’ll get a good physical workout from just 10-20 swings.  That also makes the Orange Whip a great warm-up tool, stretching you out and getting you ready before you play or hit balls on the range.  After 10-20 swings with the Orange Whip, your real golf clubs will feel like feathers!

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2. SKLZ Gold Flex Swing Trainer Warmup-Stick

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Summary:  Why the SKLZ Swing Trainer Works

A good swing tempo allows all the various parts of the golf swing to occur at an effective and unhurried pace, so that they are sequenced properly. Like the Orange Whip, the SKLZ Swing Trainer helps you develop a rhythmic swing that fosters good timing.

The SKLZ Gold Flex Swing Trainer is very similar in design and purpose to the Orange Whip.  Like the Orange Whip, its primary aim is to assist you in developing a better swing tempo.

But in addition to improving your tempo, it too has other ancillary benefits that will help to make you a better golfer:

· It’s a great warm-up tool.   The weighted design serves to stretch out your golf muscles before every round or range session.

· With regular use, you’ll find that it will help to build up the golf-specific muscles that will create a more powerful swing.

· It helps to improve your swing path.  Its design encourages an in-to-out swing, which is the most effective way to eliminate a slice.

· Two optional lengths are available: 

  • 48” –  for those over 5’6” in height
  • 40”  –  for those under 5’6” in height

Because the Orange Whip and the SKLZ Swing Trainer are similar, it may be helpful to contrast the few ways in which they differ:

SKLZ Swing Trainer vs. Orange Whip
Length OptionsSKLZ has 2, Orange Whip has 4
Shaft FlexOrange Whip is slightly more flexible
WeightOrange Whip is slightly heavier overall, but the marginally stiffer shaft of the SKLZ actually makes it feel a bit heavier.
CostThe SKLZ device is much less expensive

–>> Get SKLZ Gold Flex Swing Trainer Warmup-Stick on Amazon

3. SKLZ Tempo & Grip Golf Trainer

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Summary:  Why the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer Works

This is another device that focuses on improving swing tempo.   Its removable-weight system and molded grip serves dual purposes:  grooving a proper swing rhythm and plane, and also training you on the correct way to grip the golf club.

  • The SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer improves tempo, timing, swing path and grip.
  • The removable weight system lets you simulate either a driver or an iron swing.
  • The shape of the shaft allows you to feel what the plane and proper swing path is.
  • The molded training grip shows you the correct hand position.

Note:  The SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer is only available for right-handed golfers.

It should be obvious by now that we view tempo as one of the more crucial aspects of the swing that most golfers need to improve.  Snatching the club from the top of the backswing and improperly initiating the downswing with the arms and upper body is probably the single most prevalent swing flaw among amateur golfers.  The resultant over-the-top move is the primary reason why so many amateurs slice the ball. 

The SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer is specifically designed to help address that flaw.  Like the Orange Whip and the SKLZ Swing Trainer, it forces you to swing in rhythm, so that you develop a properly timed swing motion that delivers the club head on the proper plane.  But the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer incorporates other design features that address additional swing issues.

You’ll notice that the shaft of this device has a slight bend in it.  That bend encourages the proper inside-to-out swing path which is necessary to eliminate your slice.  Because of this design, you’ll actually feel the club dropping onto the correct inside path and you’ll experience what a proper release feels like.

The other significant feature of this device is the removable weights at the bottom.  Depending on whether you want to simulate a driver or an iron swing, you can select the right weight combination. 

And because of the heft at the bottom of the device, you’ll also benefit by getting an excellent stretch and by toning the specific golf muscles that are used in the swing.

Finally, this swing trainer comes equipped with a molded training grip that forces you to put your hands on the club in the ideal position.  Having a proper grip is essential to a good golf swing, and the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer shows you what that perfect grip feels like.

4. SuperSpeed Golf Training System

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Summary:  Why the SuperSpeed Golf Training System Works

The SuperSpeed Golf System utilizes a highly effective concept called “Over Speed” training.  This proven system effectively re-programs your brain and muscles into believing you can swing the club faster.  And it works!

  • System comes with three training sticks:  one that is 20% lighter than your driver, one that is 10% lighter than your driver, and one that is 5% heavier than your driver.
  • The system involves swinging each of these in a series of prescribed protocols.
  • After a certain amount of time, the brain then starts to expect (and produce) a faster swing speed.

If you’ve been following the PGA Tour over the past couple of years, you’ve seen the enormous distance gains that Bryson DeChambeau has had.  He’s shown that, with the proper training and methodology, substantial increases in distance are indeed possible.

While he didn’t use this specific device, he did use the same “concept” that is employed by the SuperSpeed Golf Training System.  That concept is referred to as “Over Speed” training, and it is essentially a neurological reset, a way to reprogram your brain and muscles into believing that you can actually swing the club faster. 

Following a prescribed training routine over a period of time, you can make the body move faster than normal during your training, which then translates into a permanent increase in the neuromuscular reaction speed of the body.  As Kyle Shay (co-founder of SuperSpeed Golf) said, “We’re just trying to reset that governor in your brain that says how fast you can swing.”

The company has data that shows that golfers typically see speed gains of 5%-8% in swing speed, which can result in distance gains of 20-30 yards! 

This training system is not cheap (approx. $200), but for those who want to pick up some serious extra distance, or for those who’ve lost a lot of distance as they’ve gotten older, this could be the ideal system.

–>> Get the SuperSpeed Golf System here.

5. Callaway Swing Easy Golf Swing Trainer  (top budget Golf Training Aid)

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Summary:  Why the Callaway Swing Easy Golf Swing Trainer Works

Many amateur golfers lose the structure of their swing by not keeping their arms properly connected throughout the backswing and the downswing.  The Swing Easy trainer from Callaway helps you stay “connected,” with better arm structure at the top (no more “flying right elbow”) and a more on-plane delivery on the downswing.

 · The device easily slides onto your arms just above the elbows and keeps them close together throughout the swing.

·  Prevents the dreaded “flying right elbow” that can be so detrimental to your swing.

·  Fosters a proper inside-to-out swing path, which is essential to eliminate a slice.

·  At just $15, this is a very affordable training aid that will give you a lot of bang for the buck.

Callaway’s Swing Easy Golf Swing Trainer is a simple device that is extremely effective at reinforcing the key fundamentals of a good golf swing:  making a one-piece takeaway and keeping both the arms and the body in sync throughout the swing.

A fairly common swing flaw for many amateurs is allowing the arms to float away from the body during the swing causing them to act independently of the body.  This out-of-sync motion can cause a host of problems, including a loss of distance and accuracy, inconsistent ball striking, a poor swing path, etc.

One example of this loss of arm structure is the infamous flying right elbow at the top of the backswing, which can result in an overly steep swing path that necessitates compensating moves on the downswing.  Left unaddressed, this will often result in a slice.

The Swing Easy Golf Swing Trainer can help eliminate that destructive move, and it will teach you what a properly connected swing feels like.

–>> Get the Callaway Swing Easy Trainer here.

6. Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit

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Summary:  Why the Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit Works

The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit is a comprehensive all-in-one kit that includes multiple training aids.  Regardless of the swing issue you’d like to address, the TGT 3.0 Kit provides the training aid that can help you.

 The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit is not simply one single golf training aid.  This is an all-in-one kit that can be used to let you work on many different aspects of the swing.  Depending on which parts of the swing you’d like to work on, the TGT 3.0 Kit can be customized to allow you address them. 

Here are some of the many issues that you can work on with the TGT 3.0 Kit:

·      Incorrect wrist set at the top

·      Extreme open or closed club face

·      Taking the club too far inside on the takeaway

·      Too laid off or across-the-line at the top of the backswing

·      Loss of width, tendency to overswing

·      Over the top downswing move

·      Casting or early release of the club on the downswing

·      Loss of posture, early extension at impact

·      Flipping or scooping

This is a fantastic concept.  Obviously, most other training aids are targeted at one single specific swing issue.  By providing an inclusive kit to enable work on so many different swing flaws, golfers of all levels have the tools that will allow them to fix multiple issues whenever they rear their ugly heads. 

Because the TGT 3.0 is such a comprehensive training aid, with various components to address different facets of the swing, I’d suggest that you check out the following YouTube video. 

This video gives a thorough explanation of the various components of the Total Golf Trainer Kit 3.0 and how you would utilize them to improve your swing:

7. Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0

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Summary:  Why the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0 Works

Swing plane is the angle and path that your club travels from address to the top, and then back down to the ball.  A proper swing plane will improve a player’s consistency, distance, and ball flight control.  The unique design of the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0 helps you to correct your swing path for more consistent contact and a tighter dispersion.

 To a large extent, controlling your golf ball is the result of executing a proper swing path.  Approaching the point of impact along the correct path determines the quality of the strike and the flight of the ball.

If you want to hit a draw, for example, you’d want to approach the ball from the inside.  Conversely, if you’re planning to fade the ball, perhaps an outside-in approach is required.  Being able to control your desired ball flight by managing your swing path is an important skill to have.

That’s exactly where the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0 shines.

The device features a polycarbonate base to which are attached from one to four removable rods on the corners.  The placement of the rods provides a visual “path” on which your club should swing.  As an example, if you’re working on eliminating a slice, you’d attach two rods in the front-left and the rear-right positions.  For other ball flights, you would customize the placement of the rods.

This is a great device that not only let’s you really see what the right swing path needs to be, but it provides immediate feedback when you don’t execute that path correctly.

·      When you learn to swing the club between the speed rods, your club will be on plane and on path.  Great for eliminating a slice or hook and ultimately leading to straighter longer shots.

·      Alter the rod placement to create different swing paths for other ball flights (draws or fades, e.g.)

·      Rods are removable, but tethered to the base so that they won’t fly away when struck.

Watch this video describing the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0:

–>> Get the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0 here.

8. GoSports LAG Circle Putting and Chipping Tool

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Summary:  Why the GoSports LAG Circle Putting and Chipping Tool Works

The statistics are clear, as is the message.  Amateur golfers make a fair percentage of their putts under 6 feet, but beyond that, their make percentages decline significantly.  To avoid a lot of 3-putts, and the wasted strokes that go along with them, amateurs must get better at chipping to within 6 feet of the hole and lag-putting to within 3 feet.  The GoSports LAG Circle Putting & Chipping Tool helps you get better at doing that consistently.

3-Putts are the bane of most amateur golfers. They occur most often due to an inability to chip from off the green to a makeable putt range (within 6 feet of the hole), and an inability to control the distance of lengthy lag putts (to within 3 feet of the hole).

The GoSports LAG Circle Putting & Chipping Tool is designed to help you practice those vital skills and provide immediate feedback as to your success and progress.

Consisting of two red plastic circles that are placed around the hole, this tool helps you clearly envision your targets when putting and chipping.  Use the 3-foot circle for lag putting and the 6-foot circle for chipping.   Consistently being able to get within these circles will knock several strokes off your scorecard as you reduce the number of 3-putts you’ll have.

  • The Lag Circles train you to leave yourself with a tap in putt, rather than going way past the hole or coming up well short of the hole.
  • 2-Piece Set includes a 6-foot circle for chipping and a 3-foot circle for putting
  • Each target can optionally split in half to create 2 semi-circles for more advanced practice

You can get the GoSports LAG Circle Tool on Amazon

9. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer


Summary:  Why the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer Works

Speed Control is the most important aspect of getting the distance right on your putts.  It’s crucial to reducing 3-putts.  The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer’s ramp design requires that your putt be hit with just the right amount of pace.  This improves both your speed control and your aim.

The makers of the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer have designed a tool that is scientifically shaped in a parabolic curve to simulate the actual conditions of putting to a real hole.  As a result, good putts hit with the proper pace will climb the ramp and then are returned toward you the same distance it would have gone past the hole.  That is excellent feedback for honing your touch and putting pace. 

The Pressure Putt Trainer comes available in multiple color options (blue, orange, red, white) and is made of durable polycarbonate.

Is this product any good?  It was awarded the Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award as one of the best Training Aids of 2021!

  • Parabolic shape is scientifically proven to simulate real conditions.
  • Improves both aim and pace and provides immediate feedback.
  • Multiple color options available.

Watch this video demonstrating the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer.

Get the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer Here.

10. Shaun Webb Alignment Sticks

9190Wfy6kKL. AC SL1500

Summary:  Why Shaun Webb Alignment Sticks Work

Golf is a target-oriented game.  Whether you are aiming at a spot in the fairway or at the pin, you simply must be aligned properly if you hope to hit your target.  The Shaun Webb Alignment Sticks are the perfect training aid to ensure that your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders are aimed correctly down your target line.

·      Improves your alignment and posture.

·      Lightweight and stores easily in your golf bag.

·      Set comes with 3 alignment sticks of 48 ¼” length.

Alignment Sticks are probably the single most ubiquitous training aid of them all.  If you attend a PGA Tour event and watch their pre-round range sessions, you’ll see that almost every single pro uses alignment sticks as an integral tool during their practice.  What does it tell you when the best players in the world still use the most basic of training aids? 

It says that alignment is one of the most important aspects of your set up and even the PGA pros take it very seriously.  Even a perfect swing will be fruitless if you aren’t lined up correctly.  Shouldn’t amateurs take a cue from that and invest in this inexpensive tool that can make all the difference between a good and a bad shot?

In addition to placing them on the ground aimed down the target line, though, they can also be used to correct your posture, ball position, club face alignment, etc.

Each pack comes with 3 rods that measure 48 ¼” each, fitting perfectly inside your golf bag.

–>> You can get the Shaun Webb Alignment Sticks here.


It’s difficult to compare golf training aids to one another for the simple reason that each one is designed to address a different swing issue.  As you’ve seen above, some of these aids address swing tempo, others address swing path, still others address putting, etc.

As a result, it’s hard to look at all of these great swing aids and announce a “winner.”  They just don’t all compete with one another.

But, having said that, if I had to choose the one golf training aid that I would recommend for the most people, it would have to be the Orange Whip Swing Trainer.  It has a multi-functional appeal that the vast majority of amateur golfers would benefit from:  improving your overall swing tempo and rhythm, developing a proper swing plane, serving as a great warm-up/stretching tool, and even helping to develop and strengthen core golfing muscles.

All of the training aids selected are excellent tools, though (that’s why they made our list), so you can select any of them with confidence.  Good luck on your journey to better golf.

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