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Are you looking for the most forgiving driver on the market to improve your game? We’ve tested the most forgiving drivers available today and we bring you the top performers. Whether you’re a mid to high handicapper, an advanced player, woman, or senior, we’ve got you covered!

Our buyer’s guide and the most forgiving driver reviews will help you make the best decision based on all the important attributes for enjoying your golf game.

Highly Recommended

TaylorMade SIM Max D Drive

TaylorMade SIM Max-D Driver

  • Great look and feel
  • Very forgiving
  • Straight ball flight
  • Amazing trajectory

Top Picks: Forgiving Drivers

When looking at your golf game, you’ve probably noticed you’re not driving the golf ball quite as you had hoped. We get it; a lot of golfers can benefit from using the most forgiving driver.

In fact, keeping the golf ball in play is probably the biggest challenge for most golfers who struggle with driving the ball a reasonable distance. The most forgiving driver will help improve your game and make it more enjoyable!

Below you will find our guide for the most forgiving golf drivers and how they can change the way you play golf.

Quick Answers: Forgiving Drivers

1. TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver

Top Choice For Maximum Forgiveness
TaylorMade SIM Max D Drive

We found the TaylorMade Sim Max-D to be the best driver for players wanting maximum forgiveness.

The TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to gain distance with maximum forgiveness. If you have a slower swing, this driver will keep you in the game by reducing your slice.

We recommend this driver for anybody wanting some of the most advanced technologies embedded into the perfect driver. The club’s face contour reduces your side-spin while the more considerable progressive face height increases your golf ball speed.   

If you’re the kind of player that gets a little bit left to right off the tee this is the club for you.

What we liked most:

  •     Excellent draw bias
  •     High launch with mid-range spin
  •     Speed injected face increases ball speed with superior accuracy
  •     Maximum performance from the new shape head
  •     Lightweight carbon crown assists in powerful swing speed


  •     Head Size – 460 cc
  •     Flex – Senior, Regular, Stiff
  •     Total Weight – NA
  •     Shaft Material – UST Mamiya Helium 4 or 5
  •     Loft Configurations – 9.0, 10.0, 10.5, 12 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Right or Left


  •     Speed Injected Twist Face
  •     Draw-Bias Design
  •     Largest Progressive Face Height to Maximize Forgiveness


  •  Design and Shape of the Head might intimidate some golfers

2. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Top Pick For Game Improvement
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

We found the Big Bertha B21 to be the best golf driver to fix a slice.

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver is definitely worth a spot on our list for the most forgiving golf driver. The name speaks for itself and the performance will add incredible yards to your drives.  

If you’re looking for epic control and distance with longer, straighter shots, even if you miss the center of the face, then you will want to check out the Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver with innovative new technology. It offers more forgiveness and a lower spin with a faster head speed than most competitors.  

What we liked most:

  •     Easy Launching with added power
  •    Increased distance on miss-hits
  •     Built to improve launch angles, and eliminate your slice. 
  •     Weight re-positioned to increase MOI and lower the center of gravity
  •     Incredibly fast ball speed across the face thanks to the A.I Flash Face technology


  •     Head Size – 460cc
  •     Flex – Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
  •     Total Weight – Variable Based On Shaft (45g, 55g, 65g)
  •     Shaft Material – Graphite
  •     Loft Configurations – 9,10.5, 12.5 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Right or Left


  •  3 High-Performance Shaft Options  
  •  Wide Loft Selections
  •  Jailbreak Technology


●   Higher Price

3. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

Top Pick For High Handicappers
Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

We found the Cleveland Launcher HB to be the Best driver for mid to high handicappers wanting maximum forgiveness.


The Turbo Launcher by Cleveland is an excellent choice for the mid to high handicapper, wanting as much forgiveness as possible. You can quickly gain maximum speed with the clubhead’s deep rear weight and acquire higher launches with the patented HiBore crown.

The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver is also perfect for beginners seeking straighter, longer, and higher drives. This is one of the best drivers to help improve the quality of an inexperienced golfer’s game. It offers an excellent learning curve that most beginners can appreciate.

You will be able to find the best launch angle with this Turbo Driver’s three different loft options. Not to mention how the turbocharged cup face increases the golf ball speed and forgiveness, giving you more flexibility in your game.

Launcher HB Turbo Driver Testing

We recommend this driver for anybody who falls into the mid to high handicap, including women and seniors. It is the perfect driver for anybody looking for maximum forgiveness with a massive sweet spot.  

You will be able to find the best launch angle with this Turbo Driver’s three different loft options. Not to mention how the turbocharged cup face increases the ball speed and forgiveness, giving you more flexibility in your game. This is a nice driver for anybody wanting to enhance their game. 

What we liked most:

  •     Lightweight bonded hosel giving more weight reduction
  •     Increased MOI from deep weighting
  •     High balance with low torque design
  •     Produces high trajectory hits with fantastic distance
  •     Large sweet spot and extreme forgiveness


  •     Head Size – 460 cc
  •     Flex – Regular, Stiff, Senior
  •     Total Weight – NA
  •     Shaft Material – Graphite
  •     Loft Configurations – 9.0, 10.5, 12 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Right or Left

4. Callaway Rogue Driver

Top Pick for Distance
Callaway Rogue Driver

We found the Callaway Rogue to be the most forgiving driver with increased distance.

The Callaway Rogue Driver has one of the best Jailbreak Technologies we’ve seen on a driver; it gives this club incredible power. If you’re looking for some precise drives, you won’t be disappointed with this driver. Advanced golfers will be impressed with the accuracy of long-distance shots.

Plus, the adjustable loft sleeve creates the perfect feel, gives excellent distance, and allows for a more efficient drive. Along with the aerodynamic design reducing the wind drag, you’ve got one of the most forgiving golf drivers!      

What we liked most:

  • The maximum forgiveness from the adjustable loft sleeve
  • Increased power with Jailbreak Technology, including optimal MOI (moment of inertia)
  • Aids in fixing your slice
  • Great ball speeds
  • The Triaxial Carbon Crown giving maximum forgiveness 


  •     Head Size – 460 cc
  •     Flex – Regular, Stiff, Senior
  •     Total Weight – NA
  •     Shaft Material – Synergy 50G or 60G, Even Flow Blue, 60G
  •     Loft Configurations – 9, 10.5 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Right or Left


  • Choice of Multiple Shaft Weight
  • Jailbreak Technology and Boeing Aero Package
  • Adjustable Loft Sleeve


  •  Cracking Sound on Off-Center Hits

5. TaylorMade M6 Driver

Top choice for ball speeds
TaylorMade M6 Driver

We found the TaylorMade M6 to be the for the most forgiving driver and for high ball speeds.

The TaylorMade M6 driver is like no other, with its twist face technology giving it superior forgiveness. It quickly reduces any side spins and supports a more accurate delivery of the golf ball.  

This is the perfect driver for maintaining your control over the ball while the driver’s enhanced face helps redirect any off-center hits. We highly recommend this driver for anybody wanting the most forgiveness from a driver.

What we liked most:

  • The exceptional distance achieved with the HammerHead 2.0 slot on the bottom
  • Larger sweet spot than most other drivers
  • Produces higher ball speeds while in flight
  • The center of gravity is locked in place creating nice spin and launch angle
  • The length of the driver is optimal for complimenting the forgiveness
  • It has a more consistent spin with the twist face


  •     Head Size – 460 cc
  •     Flex – Regular, Stiff, Senior, Extra Stiff
  •     Total Weight – 5 lbs.
  •     Shaft Material – Fujkura Atmos Orange or Black
  •     Loft Configurations – 9, 10.5, or 12 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Right or Left


  •  Twist Face Technology For Ultimate Forgiveness
  •  Super-Fast Ball Speeds
  •  High Launching
  •  Longer than Average Driver Length


  •  The heel on the base of the driver might not be ideal for every golfer

6. Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver

Top Pick for Adjustability

Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver Forgiving Club

We found the Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver  to be the Best driver for adjustability and forgiveness.

The Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver is better than most when it comes to forgiveness and being adjustable. With the two weights on this driver, you can adjust the center of gravity to fit your swing. This could be considered Cobra King’s lightest and fastest driver out of all their clubs.

If you are hoping for a great sweet spot that will help redirect your off-center hits, this driver is a great choice. It has excellent forgiveness, and we highly recommend it to anybody wanting more adjustability.    

What we liked most:

  •     The combination of forgiveness and exceptional distance
  •     Center of gravity lowered by the rear weight
  •     More precise curvature with the CNC milled face
  •     CobraConnect Technology for tracking our drives via their app
  •     Combines club and golf ball speed for extreme distance


  •     Head Size – 460 cc
  •     Flex – Regular or Stiff
  •     Total Weight – NA
  •     Shaft Material – Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Blue 6
  •     Loft Configurations – 9 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Right


  •     Low CG Speedback Weighting
  •     Dual Roll Technology
  •     Speedback Technology with 360 Aero Design


  •     No Left-Hand Option

7. TaylorMade M2 Driver

Top Pick for Distance and Accuracy

TaylorMade M2 Driver Forgiving Club

We found the TaylorMade M2 to be the Best driver for distance and forgiveness.

The TaylorMade M2 Driver is similar to the M6 but geared toward beginners or golfers looking to upgrade some older drivers. The M2 Driver has been around for a while and remains at the top of the list for one of the most forgiving golf  drivers of all time.

We recommend this driver for anybody looking to achieve more distance with maximum forgiveness. Since the gravity in the M2 is relatively low, you can perform a good launch while keeping the spin low.  

What we liked most:

  •     Maintains target while offering high launch
  •     Reduces both slicing and hooks with the incredible sweet spot
  •     Achieves perfect alignment with the ball from the lightweight crown
  •     Nice blend of distance and forgiveness
  •     It gives a better launch with a lower spin


  •     Head Size – 460 cc
  •     Flex – Regular or Stiff
  •     Total Weight – 5 lbs.
  •     Shaft Material – Fujikura Pro 50 or 60 Graphite
  •     Loft Configurations – 9.5, 10.5 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Right or Left


  • Fantastic Forgiveness
  • Consistent Ball Flight
  • Easy to Hit and Accurate
  • Adjustable Loft Sleeve


  • No Adjustable Draw or Fade

8. Cobra Ladies F-Max Airspeed Driver

Top Pick Golf Driver for Women

Cobra Golf Ladies F-Max Airspeed Driver for Women

We found the Cobra F-Max to be the most forgiving driver for women.

The Cobra F-Max driver is all about forgiveness for the slower swinging player. With a design that accelerates higher launches and more draw bias, it’s perfect for the woman who tends to slice the ball and desires a more lightweight driver for improved speed and distance.

You will achieve straighter shots with this driver due to the center of gravity driver being low and in the back. The crown alignment features on the F-Max will also help you line up your shots and make the overall game easier for you. 

What we liked most:

  •     Ultralight with lighter shafts and swing weights
  •     Promotes maximum clubhead speed and distance for slower swing speeds
  •     Offset hosel design for creating more accurate shots with higher launch and more draw bias
  •     More forgiving and straighter drives with the fixed back heel weight
  •     Straighter shots due to crown alignment feature   


  •     Flex – Ladies
  •     Shaft Material – Graphite
  •     Grip – Standard
  •     Loft Configurations – 16.5 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Right
  •     Length – Standard



  • High Launching And Very Forgiving
  • Lightweight Design
  • Increased Ball Speed


  • Offset Design May Not Appeal To All Players

Our Buyer's Guide

Everything about the game of golf boils down to how you hit the ball off the first tee. Sad, but true – we all want to make that first impression a good one, especially when playing with friends or colleagues.

If you want to enhance your game, then you need to find one of the most forgiving golf drivers on the market today! Check out our guide below for choosing the most forgiving driver.

What To Look For in Forgiving Drivers

There are a number of things you need to consider when choosing a driver to improve your game. The driver has been notoriously known as the ‘Big Dog,’ and there’s an excellent reason why most golfers call it that!

Your driver can be compared to the tires on your car, just like your car will handle the road based on the size, shape, weight, and style – your driver will do the same for your golf game!

Best Tips For Choosing Your Most Forgiving Driver

Clubhead Size

You absolutely need a clubhead size of 460cc if you want to achieve the most forgiving swings. If you go with the 440cc, then be prepared to be able to shape the ball more in the air.


Nowadays, most drivers are made from either titanium or carbon composite heads (some might contain a little of both). We suggest choosing from these two based on whether you want a durable and robust option like the titanium, or if you wish to reduce the weight, then opt for the carbon composite.

golf driver loft options

Loft Degree

If you have no issue with club speed, you can go pretty low on the loft degree. The higher the loft degree, the easier it is to get the ball in flight. Golfers who prefer higher loft degrees generally have slower swings or need assistance with the launch. Most golfers fall somewhere in between, usually between 10 and 10.5 degrees.

Adjustable Weights

Just like the adjustable loft, you might want to play around with the weights in your driver to achieve a higher ball flight. However, you will need to test the weights’ different placements to see if more weight in the heel or toe works best for your swing.

Why Choose Adjustable

If you have the time and patience, you can choose a golf driver with an adjustable loft. This will give you the opportunity to try out different loft degrees and see which one works best for you. This is a simple process; however, it can affect the ball flight direction, so be careful when attempting to adjust the loft degrees.

Why MOI Matters

When golfers talk about MOI, they are actually referring to the driver’s forgiveness. MOI is essential when it comes to the impact of twisting. The higher the MOI, the less the driver will rotate or twist when hit outside the face’s center.

Know Your Ability

Choosing the most forgiving driver isn’t just about the distance or the speed of your golf ball. It actually starts with your swing weight and knowing how much your driver weighs. This can significantly impact your game because if your driver is too light or too heavy for your ability, your game will suffer.

 club shaft options

What About The Shaft

If you are looking for a higher, right-to-left biased launch flight, then the less stiff your shaft is, the better. The stiff shafts are mainly for golfers who launch lower with a tendency to shape the golf ball towards the right.

Driver Length

Longer drivers generally hit the golf ball further while increasing the speed. But at the same time, the longer the shaft, the less control you will have over your ball’s management and accuracy.

The legal limit is 48 inches for the shaft’s length, and most drivers fall between 45 to 46 inches, which is known to give the perfect combination of distance and control.

How Important Is The Sweet Spot?

Once you step up to the tee, your mindset changes, and all you can think about is driving that ball as far down the fairway as possible. You see it on television all the time, so how hard can it really be? To be honest, harder than you think!

You need to know a thing or two about the game of golf before thinking about how easy it must be to get drives like you see the pro’s doing all the time. In fact, you should be more focused on having fun and enjoying the game of golf.

One of the main purposes of learning about the sweet spot is being able to hit the ball in the right spot and watching it take flight. However, there is no magic in the sweet spot, and this is something you also must learn how to use.

Everything begins with the control you have over the clubhead through your entire swing. This is where the sweet spot plays a huge role in your success at driving the ball perfectly down the fairway.

You must put the sweet spot on the back part of your driver if you want your ball to soar. But you have to be able to master the three elements of using your most forgiving driver before being able to achieve that.

Those three elements are:

  •     Swing Speed
  •     Controlling Your Swing
  •     Consistency Throughout Your Swing

A lot of people have the idea in their head that if they swing really fast and make contact with the ball, it will take flight and go the desired distance for that hole. And maybe that does happen for some people, but for the majority of golfers, it takes skill, a well-learned skill.

It all comes down to rotating your body toward the target while bringing your swing down through the hitting zone. If you slide towards your golf ball while adding more swing speed, you won’t accomplish hitting the sweet spot or possibly even the ball.

Note: Tee height makes a big difference! Just by teeing the ball up high, you improve your chances of hitting the sweet spot drastically. 

Benefits Of Using Forgiving Drivers

One of the most asked questions about using one of the most forgiving drivers is how you will benefit from using it? As simple as this answer could be, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

In short, we could tell you that when you choose to use one of the most forgiving drivers, your golf game will improve immensely. That’s not wishful thinking; it’s actually quite true! Here is a look at some of the benefits of using a forgiving driver:


The larger face on the most forgiving drivers give you more leeway when making contact with the ball. You don’t have to focus on hitting the ball exactly in the middle of the clubhead; there is a bit of leeway with a forgiving driver.


As you age, your swing might have slowed down, or maybe you’ve always been a slow swinger. Either way, when you are using a forgiving driver, your ball will get more distance vs. not using a driver without forgiveness.


Some of the most forgiving drivers have rationalized the internal weight to work in the golfer’s favor, meaning your swing won’t be the only factor in hitting the ball. The lightweight clubheads offer more control in your swing, making it easier to connect with the ball.

High MOI

You will find that some of the most forgiving drivers will have a high MOI (moment of inertia), and this will assist you with any mishits and how much the driver will twist based on your swing.

Center of Gravity

Most forgiving drivers will come with a low center of gravity; this is one of the main features of using a driver with high forgiveness. This allows you to hit higher and longer shots down the fairway. 

Clubhead Size

One of the biggest distinguishing factors of the most forgiving drivers is the size of its club head. This alone plays a huge part in the weight resistance of the twist and gives you more control of your endgame.  

Cavity Back

Some of the most forgiving drivers come with a hollowed-out back on the clubhead. This can create a larger sweet spot; however, there are a lot of golfers who would disagree and say that the sweet spot is the same regardless of the shape and size of a clubhead.

The jury is still out on whether or not this makes a difference in the size of the sweet spot. 

You could also consider that the money saved with countless golf lessons for trying to hit the ball with a regular driver is also a benefit.

Why? Because when you choose to use one of the most forgiving drivers, you won’t need to take all those lessons!

We do suggest going to a driving range as often as possible and practicing your swing with your new driver. You could even install a net in your backyard (if it’s big and long enough) to practice your swing at home.

Last but not least, have your swing speed measured and learn as much as possible about what type of golfer you are. When you have more insights into your habits, it’s easier to choose the most forgiving driver that will be more customized to your swing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the easiest golf driver to hit with?

When choosing a golf driver, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration. What some people consider an easy driver to hit with, others might find it more difficult. We suggest looking for a driver that has a comfortable stance that aligns with your swing.

Choosing one of the most forgiving drivers on our list will give you a head start since most are considered lightweight, making it easier to swing unless you’re a heavy swinger.

Q2. What driver has the biggest sweet spot?

All the drivers on our list have a nice sweet spot; that is one of the advantages of choosing one of the most forgiving drivers. However, we did find that the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver has a massive sweet spot and is a force to be reckoned with!

Q3. Why is the driver so hard to hit?

If you are struggling with hitting the ball with your current driver, then you might need to look for one of the most forgiving drivers with a larger head. The shape and size head of the TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver was designed to help the golfer make better contact with the ball.

Not every driver is created equally; therefore, you might want to try out a few different drivers before deciding which one will work best for you. Your driver should never make you feel like hitting the ball is too hard.

Q4. How do you hit a driver correctly?

The biggest problem most golfers’ biggest problem with hitting the ball with their driver is being too nervous and taking a swing without focusing on the objective – hitting the ball.

Here are a few tips for using a driver correctly:

  •     Turn Your Left Shoulder Behind the Ball
  •     Focus On Making A Nonstop Full Swing (Rhythmic Motion)
  •     Finish by Turning Your Lead Shoulder Behind the Ball

This should help you in creating a full rotation, which is the ultimate goal when using a driver correctly. If you feel like you’re under pressure, step back and regain your composure before attempting to hit the ball with your driver.

Q5. How can I increase my driver’s distance?

We all want distance when hitting our ball off the tee; however, achieving and wanting are two different concepts. Below you will find our top tips for helping you get your golf ball further down the fairway:

  •     Choose one of the most forgiving drivers; this will automatically put you in a better position for achieving distance.
  •     Go to the driving range to work on your strike efficiency and swing speed.
  •     Make sure your tee height is set to the correct position for your height and swing.
  •     Follow through on your swing and make a full rotation; people often underestimate the importance of following through with their swing.
  •     Don’t give up; practice makes perfect!

Q6. What if the most forgiving driver still isn’t helping with my slice?

If you are still experiencing slicing or other issues after trying out a few of the most forgiving drivers, then it might be time to seek out a professional golf teacher who can assist with analyzing your stance and your swing.

Sometimes there is more in a swing than meets the eye; a lot of golfers miss the form that needs to be established while they are both holding and swinging the driver. Often times, you won’t recognize the mistake yourself; you need an outsider to watch your swing.

If you have a professional evaluate your swing from beginning to end, they can normally pinpoint the issues that are causing your slice or any other problems you might not have even realized you had. They will also be able to give your suggestions and guidance to make your swing more impactful and precise.

This step is so simple and often overlooked; in fact, it can be one of the easiest solutions for learning how to stop the slicing and start sending your ball in full flight straight down the fairway!

In Conclusion

Our main objective in writing this guide for the most forgiving drivers was to give you the best selection of drivers based on your game playing level. The TaylorMade SIM Max-D Driver is our top choice for many reasons, but most importantly, it is the most forgiving driver on our list.

Along with our runners-up, the Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver and the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo, you will find that you will experience more control of your ball with maximum distance thanks to the extreme forgiveness these drivers come with. Anybody looking to improve their game will benefit from any of our top picks for the most forgiving drivers.

The only thing left to do is pick the perfect course for testing out your new driver! 

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