How SIMPLE GOLF PATH helps my students…

I must say that after using and testing the Simple Golf Path training system both inside the clubhouse with a few of our members and then outside at the range with real range balls, I am sold on its use for both teaching and giving homework to my students!

Russell Miller

I find that the Simple Golf Path traning tool gives immediate feedback to my students on every swing! And not only easy swings or broken up swings. Real full power swings that really let my students use their personal swing that needs to be examined!

With the Alert flags, my students can show me a wrong and a correct swing and immediately tells me that they will do their ‘’HOMEWORK’’ correctly!

I really think that if you want to give a great GIFT to your favorite Golfer, the Simple Golf Path training system will be appreciated all year long by golfers wanting to get better!!!

Russell Miller, Head Professional Rosemere golf Club and Quebec PGA 2001 Teacher of the Year.

Future LPGA Star

My name is Mizara Norton, I am a junior golfer from Las Vegas, NV.

I have an active social media page on Instagram and started a YouTube channel giving golf tips called Girlsgolf702. I also play at two private golf courses in Vegas, I have qualified for Drive, Chip, Putt subregionals 2 times as well.

Not only is golf my passion, but I have also ranked #1 in science, reading, and English in the Western Regions by John Hopkins, Center for Bright Kids for 2016. I attended the #5 most challenging private school in the United States, called The Meadows, where I am top of my 5th-grade class. So I have dedication and passion for school and golf.

My dad tells me that I’m the future of golf and I think he’s right! The future of golf is through young junior golfers like me, especially young girls!

I really love your Simple Golf Path training system… It has really changed my swing!! Hope you enjoy my YouTube video on your product.

Future LPGA star,
Mizara Norton

I will always remember the day I broke 90.

When I started to play golf I spent countless of hours trying to improve my swing with lessons. I’ve hit thousands of golf balls at the golf range yet still failed to succeed in achieving consistency in my game. I felt as if I wasn’t able to combine strength and precision in my swing. Breaking 100 felt like an impossible task to achieve.

Luckily, one of my highly proficient golf friends recommended that I use the Simple Golf Path Tools to improve my technique. By using the SGP I was able to break 80. With only 15 minutes of practice every day in 3 months I was able to break 90. I currently play 84 and soon plan to break the 80. At first, hitting the yellow flag without hitting the blue flag was difficult, yet with hours of practice it became much easier and the results started to show at the golf range.

My immediate success motivated me to invest without hesitation in the SGP training tool in which I proudly take part in owning today.

René Rancourt

Faster progress, with Simple Golf Path

A few months ago, a friend invited me to play golf. She’s been playing for several years and is very talented. When I told her I had never played golf before, she answered there was no age to learn. I thought, why not?

So I took my first course and began to practice… with mediocre results. I was ready to give up when another friend told me about the Simple Golf Path Training System. He’d heard about it through someone who had tried it and was very satisfied. So I joined the program and began to practice in my living room… and actually improved my skills after only a few days!

Once I gained more confidence, I accepted my friend’s invitation to play a Par-3 course with her. I took 10 balls with me (so sure I’d lose some), but surprisingly I lost NONE! My friend was quite impressed with my performance and told me I had the right swing. Imagine my pride!

This is why I strongly recommend the Simple Golf Path training tools either for a beginner or experienced player who wants to achieve amazing results.

Mary Bilodeau.


I believe that Simple golf Path is a great educational tool. I’m convinced that students will quickly improve their golf swing. In my teaching, I often explain that, just like in life, our thinking coordinates our actions. The clearer our thinking is, the more our body tends to adjust itself and respond according to our own abilities.

The advantage of the Simple golf Path Tool is that its alert flags provide a specific intention during the backswing and downswing movement. The intention specifies the thinking that makes the action much more effective.

With regular use of the Simple golf Path, we develop a routine that significantly increases the development of kinaesthetic memory while practicing at an adequate speed.

The left brain, which is responsible for analysis, tends to be reassured and lets the right brain act more easily without interference during execution.

The mere fact that the ball is always located in the same place and that the golfer needs to adjust himself helps him develop the confidence needed to be successful.

By using the alert flags in different positions, we can significantly improve our putting on the green. With specific instruction, we can improve our stroke’s precision.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages is that we can easily move it and use it year-round.

Its design is best suited for right-handed players, but it can be adjusted for more advanced left-handed players.

I’ve been teaching golf for more than 20 years and I would not hesitate to recommend your training system to anyone who would like to have fun learning golf and improve their game fast.

I firmly believe that learning golf should be Simple, Easy and Enjoyable.

Claude Robert
Professional Golf Teacher
Regina Assunta College