How The Simple Golf Path™ Works

The Simple Golf Path™ swing trainer shows you where your golf swing went wrong with its flag based mechanism that indicates what was good… or bad… about your swing.
The Simple Golf Path™ teaches you to properly swing the clubhead towards the vital hitting area.
With the Simple Golf Path™ you can practice your golf swing with your woods and irons. We recommend the use of three wood to wedge.
To achieve the perfect swing, the clubhead must strike the ball and the yellow flag only.
Golf Swing Analyzer - Straight Shot
Straight Shot – Inside-out swing straight through the correct path. Only the yellow flag has moved.
Golf Swing Analyzer - Slight outside curve to the right.
Fade – Slight  outward curve to the right. (Swing slightly from the outside in). Blue flag #2 has moved.
Golf Swing Analyzer - Pull or Slice
Pull or Slice – Pull to the left (Duck Hook) or wide left-to-right curve (Banana). Swing from the outside in. Blue flags #2 and #3 have moved.

Golf Swing Analyzer - Push or Hook
Push or Hook – Push to the right or severe right-to-left curve (Severe swing from the inside out) Yellow flag and blue flag #1 have moved.
Golf Swing Analyzer
Shank – Ball hit with heel or hosel of club. All flags have moved.
Golf Swing Analyzer - Backswing - Bringing club back to the outside.
Backswing – Swinging the club back towards the outside. Reset the flags and start over. Swing the club back with a slight inside curve. Blue flags #3 and #4 have moved towards the right.

An ideal gift for golfers of all skill levels!

All golfers care about their score. They crave for the perfect swing and wish to improve their technique quickly, lower their handicap and gain confidence on the golf course. Make every golfer’s dreams come true with the Simple Golf Path™, the perfect gift!

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