Best Golf Driver For Beginners and High Handicappers

best driver for beginners

You’ve finally decided to join the wonderful world of golfers and are looking for the best driver for beginners and high handicappers? Read on as we give you the best options for not only beginners, but also the best drivers for high handicappers, most forgiving, and the best values.

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Best Golf Driver For Beginners - Top Picks

Best Driver to Fix a Slice

Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Driver For Beginners

Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Driver


Best Overall

TaylorMade M6 Driver

TaylorMade M6 Driver


Best Speed Launcher

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver For Beginners

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver


It’s a well-known fact that the most important club in a golfer’s bag is their driver – after all, it’s what’s going to get your ball down the green! In fact, the quality of your swing and the distance will set the tone for how well you play that hole.

One of the biggest questions we hear the most in the golfing circuit is “What’s the best driver for beginners?” or “What’s the best driver for high handicappers?”. 

We decided to do the research for you and give you the best options for not only beginners, but also the best driver for high handicappers, most forgiving, and the best values so keep reading!

Best Drivers For Beginner Golfers Reviewed

Best Driver For Beginners and High Handicappers Reviews

1. TaylorMade M6 Driver

Best Overall

TaylorMade M6 Driver

We found this to be the Best Overall beginner driver and we gave it 5 stars out of 5!

This driver’s speed technology is one of the best on the market for drivers maximizing the golf ball flight speed and overall distance. It’s capable of delivering a much straighter shot while minimizing the spin, which is perfect for beginners.

We were also very impressed with the aerodynamic shaping design that provided more distance with the clubhead speed taking our ball further than any of us expected and giving us a good feeling with the maximum forgiveness that was included. 

What we liked most:

  •     Easy to Hit
  •     Speed Injected For Maximum Forgiveness
  •     Faster All Carbon Sole With Aerodynamic Design
  •     Revolutionary Curvature On Twist Face Reducing Sidespin
  •     Reaches Maximum Legal Limit Of Golf Ball Speed
  •     Impressive Hammerhead 2.0 Preserves Ball Flight Speed On Off-Center Strikes


  •     Non Adjustable Weight

There’s a very good reason Tiger Woods endorses the TaylorMade brand, just look at what he had to say about TaylorMade golf drivers:

“What TaylorMade has done with Speed Injected Twist Face is allow us to have a hotter face that feels more stable. The fact that it’s at the legal limit and it’s as fast as you’re gonna get… you know TaylorMade drivers are going to be far superior in speed and consistency than all other products.” – Tiger Woods 

When you have a Pro Golfer like Tiger standing behind your brand, you know it’s got to be one of the best and we were really happy they made an exceptional drive available for beginners.

This is the best overall driver you could add to your golf bag and enjoy for many years regardless of how great of a golfer you’ve become!

Recommended Users – Any Age / Beginners And High Handicappers 

Note: The TaylorMade M6 Driver is known for creating a larger sweet spot with its incredible speed injected twist face.

  • Head Size – 460cc
  • Flex – 4 Options: Regular / Stiff / Senior / Extra Stiff
  • Loft Configurations – 9 Degrees, 10.5 Degrees, 12 Degrees
  • Hand Orientation – Left Or Right
  • Player Type – Male (All Ages Including Seniors)
  • Color(s) Available – Matte Black & Silver

2. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

Best golf driver for high handicappers

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver For Beginner

We found this to be the Best golf driver for High Handicappers and we gave it 4.9 stars out of 5!

The clubface on the RBZ Black Driver is extremely forgiving and any high handicapper will appreciate what this driver can do for their game. It doesn’t matter if your swing speed is averaging under 100 – with the 460cc titanium clubhead anything is possible!

If you’re looking for a driver that offers high launches with low spin, then look no further – this driver for high handicappers delivers everything you need to stay at a competitive level with your opponents on the green. 

What we liked most:

  •     More Distance From Speed Pocket Performance
  •     Adjustable Loft Sleeve Allowing Optimized Trajectory And Launch
  •     Titanium Core That Is Ultralite
  •     Larger Size Clubhead
  •     Impressive Shaft Design For Maximum Distance 

The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver is a great option for high handicappers looking to achieve longer distances on their shots. With a shaft that doesn’t offer much lag on your swing and a larger club head, you’ll be sure to get some great shots with this driver. 

Recommended Users – High Handicappers Of Any Age / Any Level 

Note: This TaylorMade Driver includes their famous revolutionary speed pocket which promotes less spin with a higher launch to increase the overall distance.    

  •     Head Size – 460cc
  •     Flex – Regular
  •     Loft Configurations – 9.5 Degrees, 10.5 Degrees, 12 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Left Or Right 
  •     Player Type – Male 
  •     Color(s) Available – Black

3. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

Best Speed Launcher

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

We found this to be the Best Speed Launcher driver and we gave it 4.8 stars out of 5

The Turbo Launcher by Cleveland is perfect for those beginners seeking straighter, longer, and higher drives. This is one of the best drivers to help improve the quality of an inexperienced golfer’s game. It offers an excellent learning curve that most beginners can appreciate.

You will be able to find the best launch angle with this Turbo Driver’s three different loft options. Not to mention how the turbocharged cup face increases the ball speed and forgiveness, giving you more flexibility in your game.

What we liked most:

  • Increased Ball Speed With Turbocharged Cup Face
  • Ultralight Hosel Saves Weight For Higher Launch Capabilities
  • HiBore Crown Improves Higher Launch And Greater Forgiveness
  • More Speed With Deep Weighting and Increased MOI 
  • Counter Balanced Shaft


  • Not Adjustable

The Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver has a lot to offer the beginner golf enthusiast. We found this driver to be more forgiving than most when you don’t make center-face contact with the ball, still allowing increased ball speed and good distance.

Recommended Users – Any Age / Any Level 

Note: Perfect for beginners wanting to feel confident with their grip and control of the ball. This is a nice driver for anybody wanting to enhance their game. 

  •     Head Size – 460cc
  •     Flex – Regular, Stiff, Senior
  •     Loft Configurations – 9.0 Degrees, 10.5 Degrees, 12 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Left Or Right
  •     Player Type – Male
  •     Color(s) Available – Black 

4. Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Driver

Best driver to fix a slice

Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Driver For Beginners

We found this to be the Best driver to fix a slice and we gave it 4.7 stars out of 5!

If you’re a beginner golfer with a slicing issue, then you definitely want to check out the Cobra F Max Airspeed Driver. With the lighter designed shaft, grip, and head weight – you will be able to swing faster, easier!

It’s a great choice for beginners with a slower swing speed who desire a high-launching driver.

The carbon crown design on this driver will save you 10 grams of discretionary weight creating the lightest head without having to sacrifice any forgiveness. We loved the correction it provided for rightward tendencies, definitely helped improve our game.

What we liked most:

  •     Offset Hostel Assisting In Rightward Tendencies Correction
  •     Best Lightweight Design
  •     Heel Based Weighting – Offers More Consistent Drives
  •     Carbon Fiber Crown, Lighter Clubhead, And Shaft
  •     Easier Alignment For Straighter Drives 


  •     A Little Pricier Than Other Drivers In The Same Category

The Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Driver is Cobra’s lightest driver and is 50 grams less in weight than all the other conventional drivers. This alone can help you effortlessly create more distance. We found it to be one of the best drivers for beginners.

Recommended Users – Any Age / Any Level 

Note: The PWR Ridges will provide you with an awesome visual alignment that helps you set up square to your target each and every time. 

  •     Head Size – 460cc
  •     Flex – Stiff / Regular / Senior 
  •     Loft Configurations – 9.5 degrees, 10.5 Degrees, 11.5 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Left Or Right
  •     Player Type – Male
  •     Color(s) Available – Black/Blue

5. PING G400 Driver

Best exclusive value

PING G400 Driver For Beginners

We found this to be the Best Exclusive Value driver and we gave it 4.6 stars out of 5!

When it comes to famous brands in the golf industry, you’ll be sure to see PING as one of the top brands for drivers for any club really.

They’ve been around for a long time and are notoriously known for their quality and delivery, they never disappoint. In fact, we don’t know any golfers who don’t appreciate PING drivers in one way or another.

With all that being said, if you want to start out your golfing hobby on the right foot and get a quality driver that will give you all the best options with an impeccable reputation – then the PING G400 Driver is worth checking out.  

What we liked most:

  • Adjustable Loft For Ease And Forgiveness With Launch Angle 
  • The Notorious Ping Rich Sound Effect
  • Streamlined Shaping With Vortec Technology Reducing Drag
  • Alignment Aids With Incredible Crown Design
  • Bolder Crown Turbulators Increasing Clubhead Speed


  • Not Adjustable

Some beginner golfers already know they are in this game for the long run and prefer to head straight out the gate with a driver that will not only impress themselves but for all the other players as well.

There is just something to be said about a golfer pulling out a PING driver – especially if you’re a beginner!

Recommended Users – Any Age / Any Level 

Note: If you are wanting a larger head with more assistance in ball flight, then check out the PING G400 SFT. This is also a great choice for senior golfers!

  •     Head Size – 445cc
  •     Flex – Regular 
  •     Loft Configurations – 9 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Right
  •     Player Type – Male 
  •     Color(s) Available – Black 

6. Callaway Women's Rogue Driver

Best driver for women

Callaway Women’s Rogue Driver

We found this to be the Best Overall Women’s golf driver and we gave it 5 stars out of 5!

When it comes to designing golf clubs for women, you won’t find a more experienced brand than Callaway – taking into consideration the difference in form, weight distribution, and of course, forgiveness.

This Rogue Driver was designed for women and it can give you everything you need to get maximum distance on your swing.

The Jailbreak technology puts this brand above all others along with its X-Face VFT technology. This driver for women golfers just beginning to learn the magic around the game will be super impressed with the extra forgiveness and increased speed head.

What we liked most:

  •     Expanded Jailbreak Technology Increasing Forgiveness 
  •     Larger Head Shape And Clubhead Flexibility
  •     Faster Swing With New Speed Technology 
  •     Triaxial Carbon Crown Provides More MOI
  •     Multiple Weights For Premium Shaft Selection 


  •     Might Be Too Light For Some Golfers

The Callaway Women’s Rogue Driver has a winning combination of exceptional ball speed with the Jailbreak technology and increased MOI with the X-Face VFT. 

You won’t find this level of excellence in any other women’s drivers for beginners, it’s the perfect club to start your game with every single time. 

Recommended Users – Women: Any Age / Any Level 

Note: This is a great driver for beginners and will grow with you as you advance in your game, giving you many years of pleasure while enjoying your golf games. 

  •     Head Size – 460cc
  •     Flex – Women’s
  •     Loft Configurations – 10.5 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Right
  •     Player Type – Women
  •     Color(s) Available – Black

7. TaylorMade M4 Driver

Best golf driver for seniors

TaylorMade M4 Driver For Beginners

We found this to be the Best golf driver for Seniors and we gave it 4.5 stars out of 5!

The TaylorMade M4 Driver is the best in the series for senior golfers just starting out with or without a handicap. The value of this driver is especially notable due to the SIM technology that was introduced in the newer models, which made this driver quite reasonable even though it comes with a high-quality design.

If you are looking for a nice-looking driver with good forgiveness, we recommend giving the M4 Driver a closer look. You will achieve higher ball speed and more distance with the twist-face design.

If simplicity is what you crave, then it doesn’t get any simpler than this with a great looking driver from TaylorMade.   

What we liked most:

  • Superior Forgiveness With Twist Face Design
  • Simplicity With No Weight Adjustments Needed 
  • Easy Alignment With Hammerhead Slot And Geoacoustic Sole Design
  • Large Sweet Spot With Straight Distance
  • Increased Ball Speed On The Face And Drops Unwanted Spins


  • Non-Moveable Weight In The Back Sole

The TaylorMade M4 Driver was designed with seniors in mind with the twist face technology allowing extra forgiveness and the geoacoustic sole delivering the perfect feel – you couldn’t ask for a better-designed driver for the beginning senior golf enthusiast.

This driver was designed with all types of golfers in mind – although it is highly recommended for the senior golfer, ladies also could choose this as their driver of preference for beginners.

Recommended Users – Any Age / Any Level 

Note: The M4 driver is considered to be tailored towards the mid handicapper and perfect for the beginner who needs to work on their fundamentals rather than be distracted by high tech enhancements that are not necessarily needed at this stage of your game.

  •     Head Size – 460cc
  •     Flex – Regular / Stiff / Senior / Ladies 
  •     Loft Configurations – 9.5 Degrees, 10.5 Degrees, 12 Degrees
  •     Hand Orientation – Left Or Right
  •     Player Type – Male, Female, Senior 
  •     Color(s) Available – Black / Silver  

Things To Look For When Choosing The Best Driver For Beginners And High Handicappers

First and foremost, you need to make sure the total weight (including the weight of the head) is compatible with your swing, your ability to control the driver, and most importantly, make certain that the driver you choose is suitable for your physical condition and strength.

Choosing a driver that is too heavy for your body frame can cause harm to your back and possibly other body parts as well like your arm or shoulder. However, don’t go too light or you will most likely see more off-center hits than you desire to see.  

There are a few other things to take into consideration when looking for the best driver for beginners, such as forgiveness, loft, shaft, clubhead size, and adjustability.

When you have all the information available to you about how each part plays a significant role in your golf game,  it will become easier for you to decide which driver will work best for you.

golf swing


Forgiveness – What Does It Mean?

In short, forgiveness can keep you in the game – it’s when the driver offers less distance and focuses on keeping your ball straight. A lot of beginner golfers rely heavily on drivers that have high forgiveness, and rightly so – it’s not fun fetching all those balls out of trees or water.

Fast forward to modern times and you will now find golf drivers that offer forgiveness with both distance and speed. For example, the TaylorMade M4 Driver superior forgiveness and increased ball speed thanks to its revolutionary design and features.  It’s truly one of the best drivers for beginners! 

Tip: The size of the head can increase the sweet spot and encourages more direct hits with the driver. The maximum head size is 460cc and we strongly suggest finding the best driver for beginners that has the maximum size head if you want to benefit from the sweet spot!

Design – How Important Is It?

The design is probably one of the most important features for the best drivers for beginners and high handicappers because not only are they new to the game, they are usually nervous and a bit scared to hit the ball in the beginning.

This is where design comes in – the design offers comfort, and when a golfer is comfortable with their driver they have a better chance of hitting the ball and driving more distance and speed. Senior golfers especially need a well-designed driver to boost their confidence and give them that extra edge in their game.

When you think about it, there isn’t another club in your golf bag that will deliver distance like a driver, making the driver the most important club you own. The design of the driver will either enhance or negatively impact your swing. So it’s important to find the best driver for beginners or high handicappers if you are just starting out.

Golf club shaft options

Shaft – What Is It Used For?

Some golfers will argue that the shaft is the most important element of the driver because it determines the consistency of your shots and how the ball will fly through the air. If you have a fast swing, you’ll need a stiffer shaft than somebody who is considered slow swinging.

Knowing what type of shaft will work for you is part of the learning curve for golfers, mainly because getting the shaft right takes practice. If your shaft is too stiff you will most likely have balls that ride rather low and veer to the right more often than not.

However, if your shaft is too flexible you will most likely have a lot of inconsistency in your game and get frustrated rather easily.

But don’t worry, this is why a lot of drivers are offered with the ‘regular’ flex shaft that can help with consistency and achieving higher, straighter balls during flight.

golf driver loft options

Loft Options – Why Bother With Loft Angle?

Since loft basically equals ball height, you are going to want to pay attention to the loft option on the driver you are considering getting. If you’re a slow swinger, then you will need more loft to maximize the height of your drive to get the ball down the fairway.

You should take into consideration what your swing speed is before considering the loft size that will work best for you. However, a general rule of thumb for beginners would be to look for a loft with 12 degrees to start. This is especially true for seniors who need extra assistance in getting the ball higher.

Note: Adjustable hosel can shift the loft on the clubface giving more height for your ball with the launch angle. And if your speed is registering anywhere between 85-90 MPH, then you can consider a loft that is less than 12 degrees.

Feel – How Do You Get A Feel For A Driver?

The simple answer is – practice! Yep, get out to the driving range and hit hundreds of balls to get a feel for your driver. This is essential to know how it will feel on the golf course and how comfortable you are using your driver.

The more you use your driver, the more you will have a feel for the way it makes contact with the ball. In fact, you will know from the second you hit the ball whether or not it will give you the desired results you were hoping for.

Having a good feel for your driver, or any club for that matter – is what makes your game unique. It’s like having a relationship, it either works for you or against you, but either way, you need to decide.

Adjustable Weights – Do You Need That Feature?

Firstly, we have to state that every golfer, regardless of experience, can benefit from an adjustable driver. Consider the hook, the adjustable feature will allow you to adjust the weight for a fading effect to help prevent those shots from veering left or right.

Most drivers nowadays come with built-in adjustability, whether it be moveable weights for assisting launch or a hosel adaptor that gives you the ability to change the loft, face angle, and lie. In fact, a lot of drivers come with both – this is what we call all the bells and whistles.

If you are a beginner or a high handicapper, then the hype around all this technology can be a bit confusing and when the truth is told, you don’t really need it at this point in your game. When looking at all the different combinations offered with MOI and altering the shape of the shot, it’s best to just keep it simple and work on your swing.

Tip: By adding weight on the outside of your clubhead you can prevent it from moving too quickly and losing control over the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should a beginner golfer use a driver?

In order to drive the ball as far as possible, we suggest all beginners and high handicappers use a driver designed to enhance their experience. If you want to keep the playing field equal among all players, then you will want to use a driver for delivering the ball with the furthest distance possible.

For overall distance and speed our #1 pick the TaylorMade M6 Driver offers everything you need to get the best experience using a driver.

How to pick a driver?

You will want to consider a few different factors, including the length and flex of the shaft, along with the weight of the driver. For beginners, it is best to consider a driver that offers a lot of flexibility in the shaft, like the Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Driver that comes in multiple flex options.

You will also want to choose a driver with a large head and an above-average sweet spot, giving you more freedom to hit the ball at longer distances with a less than perfect shot.  

Note: Graphite shafts can help you get more distance off the tee, but they will not be as accurate.

What degree driver should a beginner use? 

The ideal loft on your driver as a beginner is dependent on your average club head speed. A higher lofted driver is more forgiving because it is harder to curve the ball.

For a less experienced golfer, we would recommend the loft to be at least 10.5 degrees. If you are a complete beginner, you could even go for a 11 or 12 degree loft driver.

How to hit a driver for beginners?

A lot of people can be intimidated by drivers and fear they won’t be able to launch the ball as needed. There are steps to take in order to be successful when using the best driver for beginners and high handicappers.

Step 1

Position is everything, be sure to set your stance wider than your shoulders.

Step 2

Lining the ball up is next, be sure it is lined up with the inside of your dominant foot in front of you before hitting the ball.

Step 3

Feel your grip by placing both of your hands on the driver. (Same as holding a baseball bat)

Step 4

Keep the driver away from your body by at least 10 to 12 inches.

Step 5 

Use a standard size tee (2.75 inches) and barely place it in the ground, but enough to make sure it is secure.

Step 6

Locate your target such as a tree or bunker that is far away and focus on that as you line up your stance and before swinging.

Step 7

Loosen up your body and practice swinging the club back and forth prior to hitting the ball.

Step 8

Start your backswing while staying balanced and centering your gravity in the middle.

Step 9

Swing the driver back down at the ball in a sweeping motion and continue to let the driver rise above your other shoulder maintaining arm speed.

Step 10

Keep an eye on your ball and see what distance you have achieved.

What is the most forgiving driver?

Drivers have come a long way since the heavy wood days and there are an abundance of choices on the market, some promising anywhere from five to twenty extra yards – but that won’t help if you can’t keep the ball in play and out of the trees.

The TaylorMade M6 Driver, Callaway Women’s Rogue Driver (ladies’ top choice), and the TaylorMade M4 Driver for seniors all offer maximum forgiveness.  

What is the easiest golf driver to hit straight?

While every beginner golfer’s dream is to be able to keep the ball on the green, the next best thing is hitting the ball straight down the fairway. But in order to do this you need more than just a great driver – you need patience.

There are drivers designed to help keep the ball straight, such as the Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Driver will assist you with easier alignment and right tendencies that lead to straighter hits. It’s one of the best drivers for beginners! 

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed reading our review, we had a lot of fun testing out these different drivers and hope that our insights can help you make an educated decision on what the best driver is for beginners and what features really make a difference.

Choosing the best driver for beginners and high handicappers can be challenging, but not impossible. Just be patient and think about what matters most to you before deciding which driver will work best for you!   

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